This post may go out there with no title.

I must apologise to my meagre WordPress following, again (in particular, their Canadian counterparts) for being so silent lately. I’m sure you’ve missed me greatly.

Truth be told, I’ve had absolutely no time to blog of late. Between working, studying for (and failing repeatedly) certification exams for work, trying to keep fit, attending photography courses and feeling sorry for myself, I haven’t been able to get anywhere near my computer (despite spending 40 hours a week in front of one) to do anything with it.

Although you may not have missed my ramblings I can assure you, I’ve missed you.

I have to admit, things have been a bit rough lately; I’ve spent a great many hours not speaking to anyone, feeling particularly sorry for myself as I attempt to deal with some issues I’ve carried around with me since my school days.

As a spinoff from that, I’ve been contemplating life itself a great deal; mulling over the minute details we as a species place much emphasis on but, when you look at them from the perspective of the universe, actually mean very little whatsoever.

Take the dung beetle. Considered a sub-species, it spends its life rolling a pile of shit around; which it feeds on!  It does so all day every day, under the scorching heat of the desert sun. In a recent David Attenborough series, I remember laughing quite intently at the tribulations of one particular female as it tried to roll one particularly large piece of crap up a steep dune, only to be pushed back down it again when gravity finally won the battle and forced it to tumble all the way to the bottom, faeces and all.

For fear of dehydration, the beetle eventually gave up its (solo) battle, left the ball of shit where it landed and burrowed into the ground to get out of the heat.

When you think about it, we are not so different from the ‘common’ dung beetle.

The human race considers itself a superior species, having won a battle with the Neanderthals thousands of years ago which wiped them out. The Neanderthals are mocked by us even now, for being of lesser intellectual ability than us, although physically they were far superior.

Unfortunately it was their intellect, or lack thereof, which let them down, as the cavemen Homo-Sapiens they were fighting were better equipped in terms of weaponry.

But is this intellect that we have really of benefit to us?

It is my firm belief that this intellect we posses is the root of many of the problems we face. Problems which are damaging this planet we live on not only to our own detriment, but to those which we share it with.

That’s right, we share our home with the Lions, Tigers and Bears. We do not own it, and if history is any example, planet Earth is pretty good at its own form of ethnic cleansing.

I am of course talking about the apocalypse. Just ask the dinosaurs.

Already this year, we’ve seen some fairly controversial stuff. The gay marriage bill in England and the accompanying onslaught of anger from the church this has brought. 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai speaking out against the Taliban at a special United Nations conference.

As far as the gay marriage bill is concerned, if the Pope agrees homosexuals should be accepted into society, no one else has an excuse to disagree. Seeing as they’ve technically been for it the entire time… 

These are all issues which are made a big deal because someone felt they should be. But when you think about it, they are meaningless balls of shit someone wastes their time pushing around, rallying support and attracting attention to.

We are seen as the superior species on this rock because we decided one day that we are. This is because evolution ‘gifted’ us with opposable thumbs; ‘superior’ intellect; the ability to create fire. But from where I see it, these evolutionary wonders have been both the making and the breaking of us.

Our intellect created societies which felt the need to treat women as inferior to men. Women who have the same opposable thumbs and superior intellect as men.

Our ability to create fire gave us the ability to destroy many of our fellow species in a single blow over issues such as sexual orientation, ethical, political or religious beliefs.

These are the balls of shit we as individuals push uphill everyday.

In my opinion, what really separates us from the dung beetle is not that we have better things to do with our time than roll a ball of someones else’s faeces between our fingers, but from the fact that a dung beetle does that to survive.

What we do it for? I honestly have no idea…