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So I will no longer be a student as of this Friday.

Well, I tell a lie, my time as a practising student will cease as of 5PM on Friday afternoon, when I put my pen down at the end of my Internet Security final. As far as everything else is concerned, my student ID expires in September 2012, and I will make damn sure I make the most of every possible discount between now and then!

In all fairness though, I guess a part of me is a little despondent when I realise that real life is worryingly close to beginning. I’ve been hellbent on finishing this chapter and getting my career going, and this attitude hasn’t changed in the slightest, with two potential career paths now facing me (neither of which really relate to what I’ve spent the last four years of my life studying, oddly enough).

I guess what I’m really going to miss is the shenanigans I got up to when I should have been doing something a little more productive. For instance, skiving Operations Management lectures in second year in favour of a cheeky, late afternoon lunch at Chiquito’s with Kirsty, Lauren and Sophie; spontaneous nights out on obscure nights of the week (Liquid ?? Thursday anyone?) and the many days/evenings Kirsty and I spent in the library at Garthdee cursing our thesis’ and eating all manner of junk food in an effort to keep the spirits high.

I never really enjoyed school, and as a result of that I’ve always associated academia with something fairly unpleasant like the dentist…or an appointment with the gynaecologist. (That one isn’t coming from experience of course, I have a lot of female friends…) I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t marred my uni experience somewhat, but having said that I will always counter anyone who says that the best days of your life are your schooldays.

That’s not because I didn’t enjoy school, but because Uni has been so much more of an experience than school could ever be. My time at Uni took me to Paris through work experience; bought me a brand new car at age 20; got me an amazing fortnight in Italy with one of my closest friends; unearthed some strange underlying desire within me to be a writer (I didn’t say I was good at it, “Does mother know, you weareth her drapes?” – The Avengers Assemble [sadly, I’m really not that funny…]) and has forged friendships with people who I’d never have thought possible.

School on the other hand? It’s a safe, candied environment, where I certainly was spoon fed and hand carried through everything I had to do, to get me to the next stage in my life. Yeah, I was on a conveyor belt to higher education (and great success, as was assumed by others) but I had to be. Without my parents kicking me up the arse to work, I don’t know where I’d be now. Getting to uni and realising I have to do everything myself was the greatest lesson I could take from it; regardless of the technical stuff I’ve picked up along the way.

I’ve never felt so free, and for that I will be eternally grateful for the chance I’ve had. I’ve complained, ranted, stressed over coursework I’ve left to the last minute (fuelling more moaning, complaining and copious outbursts of sheer rage at myself) but it’s been a blast throughout. (Even working at John Lewis for 5 years, so I could afford the spontaneous lunches, booze and caffeine.) Having said that though, I will enjoy having money in the bank, which is a luxury I have not enjoyed since I bought Jermaine back in February 2008.

My new car may be faster, full of toys and a damn sight sexier, but I miss this bad ass!

Like I said, I’m going to miss uni. But not just because of the change in lifestyle I’m about to experience. We all have to grow up someday, and all good things have to come to an end. But the real reason I’m going to miss uni is because I’m going to have to find a new hobby. I mean, after procrastination, there isn’t really much else I do in a day! Well, I’ve also developed a highly tuned caffeine habit, of which I’d like to thank Mr Starbuck and Mr Costa. For the caffeine, the pastries and warm environment in which I have been permitted to sit whilst allowing my creative juices to flow, devising consistently more creative ways of study avoidance. Without you, my university experience would have been dull and factual, and for this I will be eternally in your debt.

…if I’m honest, the only reason I ever took my laptop in there, was so I could pretend I was one of these guys:

(…the writers, not Meg, that’s just ridiculous…)

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

– Ferris Bueller


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Today, I made the executive decision to hit the library after work for some much-needed placement report writing time. I’ve been neglecting it somewhat the last few weeks, but my waking thought on New Years day (as my bedroom spun around me  was “Shit, I’ve got HALF MY HONOURS DEGREE to submit in just under three weeks!”

Being that my house has a minimum of 7 occupants, four of whom bark every time the wind blows the wrong way, it can be difficult to focus on something that you really would rather not be doing. Procrastination is really my full-time occupation, finding it far easier than most to avoid doing what I really should. Having an On Demand TV service, which has recently started offering Lost seasons 1-6, also doesn’t help.

Surprisingly, I’m still yet to find out exactly how that saga ends…draw your pistols at dawn if you will, as I realise what a travesty this is. However, if you do I’ll never actually find out how it finishes. At least then I can blame someone however…

So, spot the fatal mistake I made this evening. I left the house at 6.30, arrived at the library a mere 10 minutes later. Opened my laptop and connected it to the internet.

I should point out that I’m writing this from said library…

Now, spot the fatal mistake, being that you have all the facts.

NOT ONLY THAT, I can’t take advantage of the fact my phone gets no signal down here, having connected it to the WiFi so I can be iMessaged or Whatsapped or even be alerted to Facebook notifications, despite the fact it’s open in Safari in a tab next to this one…

Yes, you can say it, and I’ll admit it: I’m a social networking addict. When I hit publish on this, it will be advertised on my Facebook (twice) and on Twitter (the resulting tweet appearing on my ‘Timeline’ on Facebook, hence the double notification on there.)

I can only hope, that as my degree has the word ‘networking’ in the title, future employers will look kindly upon my obvious skill and be queuing up to hire me. That, or I’ll go against everything I believe in and become the next Perez Hilton.

…on second thoughts, I think I’ll scrap writing placement report stuff tonight and fire my CV out to another 10 companies. First stop, Apple. 🙂