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I recently bought a mountain bike… That’s right, the boy who loves nothing more than spending a few hours in front of his Mac doing very little whatsoever has found an outdoor activity that he actually enjoys.

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I went back to Loch Muick again this afternoon, having had some luck with the sun last week, in an attempt to get something I’d be as proud of a second time around at Lochnagar.

Bad news? I failed… The reason being I had assumed one could wander back up there again with something better on ones feet and make it all the way up to Lochnagar and back in a single afternoon.

This isn’t the case. As it turned out, after visiting the information shack, it was going to take around 8 hours to make it there and back again. Having rocked up there at 2.30PM in the afternoon, this left me with little time to make it, but I went anyway. I was met with this when I broke through the trees…


It’s snowed even more since I was here last week, and there was a gale blowing a frigid 2 degree wind in my face. Couple that with constantly going through the snow and finding myself up to my knee’s in it, I called it an afternoon and went home. The good news is I did manage to get one or two worth showing and I’ve put them underneath!

Next time I go, I’ll plan ahead; take something to eat, a thicker jacket and make sure I’ve left myself enough time!


Post 40. A milestone I guess! I’m marking it by starting something new: I’m replacing some of my ramblings with something a little more creative and probably a lot less boring…

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As you all know (and I’m not going to state for a second time, my addiction to social networking…oops, just did) when I sit down to write something like this, it’s usually because I’ve been struck with “inspiration”; the bolt of lightning through my skull, that hits all too infrequently to allow me to indulge in my favourite past-time as often as I would like.

I’ve been nominated for The Liebster, and as such there is a protocol for such things which I must now follow. I do, however, thank my fellow blogger, Hazy, for nominating me, as it serves me another 10 Jigawatt jolt to my brain which allows me to sit at my machine and do what I enjoy most: write.

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So as you all know by now, and if not you’re about to find out, I’m a bit of a social-media mogul; Tumbling through a world of pressed-words, Books of Faces and incessant Twattering. I also enjoy posting photos of various events in my life, tinted with various vintage hue’s, on Instagram.

First off, I’m not much of a photographer. Sure I can take a photo of something at a jaunty angle, enhance it by removing the red from people’s eyes (or in my case, the stubborn smattering of acne I’ve suffered with since puberty) with iPhoto and shove it out there for the rest of the world to see, but that’s as far as my efforts really go. A mate got me into Instagram, saying he wanted me as a follower because his dream was to have one of his photo’s make the Popular Page.

He should know who he is, he recently changed his Handle to include the word ‘official’ like he’s some kind of celebrity… 😉

I enjoy it. I follow a myriad of famous people, celebrities and friends, who all post graphic evidence of their life achievements, day-to-day happenings and meals…

However, it also has to be one of the most self-indulgent, vain media platforms out there today. Sure I grant you that, as I sit on my flight to Amsterdam tapping this out on my phone, it’s pretty self-indulgent for me to expect folk to want to read this after I post it. However, I encourage you all to write a blog about my flaws. I assure you, you’d have plenty to write about!

I will point out now, that I love writing. I do this as a hobby; anyone who reads and has something to say about it is just a bonus. I welcome the feedback. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll break out on my own as a journalist and become as condescending, arrogant and wealthy as Piers Morgan; writing a column for an upper middle-class Sunday supplement. Without the phone hacking scandal of course. To get involved in anything like that, just for a tacky news story, would just be silly.

Instagram was developed to allow people to see your life through the lens of your iPhone. (Yes, it was originally developed only as an iOS app.) With the advent of Photo Stream, it also allowed users to share photos you take with your digital camera and import to your computer.

As with everything however (and Facebook and Twitter are no different) folk have taken it upon themselves to clog Instagram’s data centre with nothing but photos of themselves; cross-referencing them with an array of hash-tags hence ensuring maximum exposure to others equally as vain.

“This is me with my head to the left.” “This is me with my head to the right with my hand on my hip. #girl #blonde #pretty”

Gads… It really is sickening.

Those of you who know me personally, and follow me on Instagram, will have seen me make a similar attempt whilst at the gym a few weeks ago; targeting some of my satire at both those who check-in at the gym only to let those associated with them know they ‘work out,’ and those who perpetually fill my Instagram feed with photos of themselves.

Whilst waiting in the airport this morning, I read an interesting piece on the increase in web traffic seen on Instagram, during the recent US election. The service saw a growth of 2.5x it’s normal volume of uploads (some 120,000 images) from Americans, all sharing their experiences as part of the 2012 election; all under the banner of #USelection2012. Granted, some of them were stupid enough to post photo’s of their actual votes. Sadly, this was enough to render them null and void.

Allowing others to share your experiences and connect with each other from afar is what the Internet is about. Well, apart from that other use the Internet has; the unofficial reason most teenage boys and lonely men have for it. It’s not a place for us to constantly show our faces from a different angle, hoping that someone out there will give us the positive comment we’re all desperate to get once more; that will further inflate and prop-up our ego’s.

Instagram is a place designed to demonstrate creativity; to inspire. I mean, after all, if you’re going to post a selfie on the Internet, would you not rather it was for your friends enjoyment?
Yes, I did in fact pull this face, snap a photo of it and iMessage it to two people, as part of a game we play each day. No there is not a pane of glass between myself and the camera. You can find some others, equally as misfortunate, on Instagram by searching on the hash-tag #instamackaill.

For more dry, nonsensical rumblings such as this, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr as @lth0ms0n.

The featured image at the top of this post was taken from the Instagram Tumblog. It is, sadly, not one of my own creation, but pretty damn cool all the same!


So I will no longer be a student as of this Friday.

Well, I tell a lie, my time as a practising student will cease as of 5PM on Friday afternoon, when I put my pen down at the end of my Internet Security final. As far as everything else is concerned, my student ID expires in September 2012, and I will make damn sure I make the most of every possible discount between now and then!

In all fairness though, I guess a part of me is a little despondent when I realise that real life is worryingly close to beginning. I’ve been hellbent on finishing this chapter and getting my career going, and this attitude hasn’t changed in the slightest, with two potential career paths now facing me (neither of which really relate to what I’ve spent the last four years of my life studying, oddly enough).

I guess what I’m really going to miss is the shenanigans I got up to when I should have been doing something a little more productive. For instance, skiving Operations Management lectures in second year in favour of a cheeky, late afternoon lunch at Chiquito’s with Kirsty, Lauren and Sophie; spontaneous nights out on obscure nights of the week (Liquid ?? Thursday anyone?) and the many days/evenings Kirsty and I spent in the library at Garthdee cursing our thesis’ and eating all manner of junk food in an effort to keep the spirits high.

I never really enjoyed school, and as a result of that I’ve always associated academia with something fairly unpleasant like the dentist…or an appointment with the gynaecologist. (That one isn’t coming from experience of course, I have a lot of female friends…) I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t marred my uni experience somewhat, but having said that I will always counter anyone who says that the best days of your life are your schooldays.

That’s not because I didn’t enjoy school, but because Uni has been so much more of an experience than school could ever be. My time at Uni took me to Paris through work experience; bought me a brand new car at age 20; got me an amazing fortnight in Italy with one of my closest friends; unearthed some strange underlying desire within me to be a writer (I didn’t say I was good at it, “Does mother know, you weareth her drapes?” – The Avengers Assemble [sadly, I’m really not that funny…]) and has forged friendships with people who I’d never have thought possible.

School on the other hand? It’s a safe, candied environment, where I certainly was spoon fed and hand carried through everything I had to do, to get me to the next stage in my life. Yeah, I was on a conveyor belt to higher education (and great success, as was assumed by others) but I had to be. Without my parents kicking me up the arse to work, I don’t know where I’d be now. Getting to uni and realising I have to do everything myself was the greatest lesson I could take from it; regardless of the technical stuff I’ve picked up along the way.

I’ve never felt so free, and for that I will be eternally grateful for the chance I’ve had. I’ve complained, ranted, stressed over coursework I’ve left to the last minute (fuelling more moaning, complaining and copious outbursts of sheer rage at myself) but it’s been a blast throughout. (Even working at John Lewis for 5 years, so I could afford the spontaneous lunches, booze and caffeine.) Having said that though, I will enjoy having money in the bank, which is a luxury I have not enjoyed since I bought Jermaine back in February 2008.

My new car may be faster, full of toys and a damn sight sexier, but I miss this bad ass!

Like I said, I’m going to miss uni. But not just because of the change in lifestyle I’m about to experience. We all have to grow up someday, and all good things have to come to an end. But the real reason I’m going to miss uni is because I’m going to have to find a new hobby. I mean, after procrastination, there isn’t really much else I do in a day! Well, I’ve also developed a highly tuned caffeine habit, of which I’d like to thank Mr Starbuck and Mr Costa. For the caffeine, the pastries and warm environment in which I have been permitted to sit whilst allowing my creative juices to flow, devising consistently more creative ways of study avoidance. Without you, my university experience would have been dull and factual, and for this I will be eternally in your debt.

…if I’m honest, the only reason I ever took my laptop in there, was so I could pretend I was one of these guys:

(…the writers, not Meg, that’s just ridiculous…)

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

– Ferris Bueller


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