This is a place where I like to rant.

I rant everywhere; in normal conversation; on Facebook and Twitter every day, but this is different. Here, I want to make a structured point; to get people thinking; to scratch an itch.

I’m outspoken; I’m obnoxious; I’d like to think that occasionally, I’m funny, when actually most of the stuff I say…should result in my being institutionalised. I don’t profess to having any form of journalistic talent, unless I’m being sarcastic, which is usually the case, although I should however point out that most of the potentially offensive stuff I write on here is meant in fun.

Here, you’ll find the caffeine enthused ramblings, of a paranoid, insecure, twenty something, who wants to make his mark on the world.

I’m on a journey. I want to share it with you.


These views are my own, and not of any third-party or organisation