I recently bought a mountain bike… That’s right, the boy who loves nothing more than spending a few hours in front of his Mac doing very little whatsoever has found an outdoor activity that he actually enjoys.

Truthfully though, I do actually really enjoy it; it comes as big a surprise to me as anyone.

However, abysmal weather in Aberdeen aside, it’s been pretty difficult to get out and use it. Firstly, I’m too skint to afford a roof-rack for my car so I can take it out of Aberdeen (not surprisingly, it’s not that easy to get it in through the boot of an A1 and still be able to drive it). Secondly, we’re now rapidly approaching the end of March – and pay-day, YES! – but we seem to find ourselves surrounded by this stuff:

So, I did find myself leaving the office tonight looking as if my afternoons plans were literally falling around me as I walked across the car park. It stopped however, so I wrapped up, left the house and headed for Countesswells; my usual haunt, until I can start venturing further afield.

It was worth it. Despite giving me the chance to relax, there was a pretty spectacular sunset to enjoy so I did what most folk do: I took some pictures of it. It snowed pretty heavily throughout the afternoon too, covering the tree’s nicely. Cyclists not being the type to pray for snow either. Especially when it makes the ground hard, rutted and boggy, all at once.