“Start as you mean to go on.”

The mantra of many, come January 1st. If this post is anything to go by, my prospects this year look relatively bleak already, and this is something I’ve been working on for the last three weeks. Thankfully I’m a single guy, or I’d be pretty stressed right now if a statement of a similar nature had just been uttered by my girlfriend!

I’ve been trying to write this for weeks, and have failed miserably at each and every attempt to do so… Hence the reason that it’s coming at the start of January, 2013, and not the end of December, 2012.

Of all the social media platforms I use, WordPress has to be my favourite. What may surprise you is the fact that this wasn’t a difficult decision to make.

The great thing about WordPress is, it is so much more than a mere tool for the self-involved or obnoxious to sit and write meaningless, ‘deep’ content or share risqué photo’s of others’ intimate moments; that’s what Tumblr is for. WordPress goes beyond just providing a platform for writing; it engages with its user base; providing challenges and ideas, intended to get people online and into writing.

This piece was sparked by that same initiative, but has unfortunately missed its chance of being featured on “Freshly Pressed”, the page where WordPress admin’s hand-pick pieces and entries written by its users which are particularly inspiring or thought provoking. Each week, they set a challenge, and those who accept it have to ‘tag’ their posts with ‘DPChallenge’ to enable WP Admins to pick it up and decide whether it’s worth of being made Front Page news.

I’ve done that, but only to satisfy myself; alas no one is interested in Year-End reviews now, in-fact you’re probably only reading this one because you know me personally and are trying to make me feel better.

So, 2012…where to start? Well, I’m sitting listening to possibly the biggest anthem (or annoyance, depending on how you see it it) to come from South Korea. Of course, mean PSY’s tune Gangnam Style. If I’m honest, I hated it when it first came on the scene, and was introduced to it when I watched Daily Grace’s reaction video, to the music video…

“…a red headed Aisian…a RAISIN!”

I didn’t see the fuss behind it, but after a few nights out it all made sense, and now I love it!

For those of you who want to learn the dance routine…

Musically, it was a pretty awesome year for me. I finally got to see Florence + The Machine live – something I’ve been desperate to do for around 2 years now. Incredible show, she has so much energy and passion for what she does, and she demonstrated that throughout. The only let down was having my absolute favourite tune, and another massive anthem, Shake It Out, interrupted by a few neds down the front of the stage who felt the need to start a fight… Flo stopped singing, got off the stage, and broke it up using something I’ve never witnessed before (working) in my life:

“Stop fighting. Please, just stop fighting. I’m not about to stand up here and sing this song if you’re going to fight here.”

I don’t know what was louder: the raucous of boo’s from the crowd for the folk fighting, or the cheers for Florence for getting off the stage to make sure a girl, who got caught up in the action, was ok. Such respect for her in that moment, and then she got back up on stage to absolutely Belt It Out, along with the rest of her set, in a way only she could.

I already consider the tickets for her next gig bought and paid for; can’t wait for her next album either!

As far as university and work goes, I finally graduated this year, with a 2:2 in Computer Network Management and Design, and as of November I am now a permanent staff member of Global IT at Subsea7 (probation period pending, >; 1 month to go!).

Social media got its claws even further into me; I discovered even more people to sit and stare at for hours on YouTube, and as a result of that, ended up with a Tumblr account, because they kept talking about it and my curiosity got the better of me. For those of you looking for some entertainment, I’ve compiled a short list of the most entertaining ones below. Some of you may have seen them before through your own discovery, my Facebook profile, or a previous entry I wrote where I spoke about them:

There are more, but I wont detail the rest of them, as these three are the ones which bring me the most entertainment!

I also had an awesome trip to New York with my family, to mark my graduation in true style, I might add, but it didn’t get me going in the way Italy did. I’m not sure why, maybe it was the sheer pointless extravagance of the place; the amount of showing-off the architecture was designed to demonstrate; the endless and suffocating heat… I tried a few times to write about it, in a similar diary-type fashion to my Italian travels last year, but I couldn’t do it justice in the way I wanted to. Eventually (and ashamedly) I gave it up. I got some cool photos of the place however, and I’ve published them to an iCloud Photo Journal so you can see them, here.

My parents got me a Nikon DLSR for Christmas this year, so I can’t wait to get back there and take some snaps with it too! I’m sure they will be far more impressive than what I managed between my iPhone 4 and my Canon point-and-shoot, if I can work out where the shutter release is on it that is!

There was so much that I achieved last year, which made 2012 pretty unbeatable. 2013 has a lot to live up to, considering that as yet it hasn’t manifested a threat to humanity. By the way, cheers 2012,for not ending the world and all that…

The one thing I didn’t do folks, and I’m ashamed to admit it, was take a few more chances, particularly where other people are concerned, and for that I apologise. My first post at the start of last year, also late, was intended to be a year-end review, outlining the one and only new years resolution I was going to make. Coincidentally, my decision to form the resolution in the first place was also late; committing to it publicly on the 11th of January.

The point I made a year ago was that I think New Years resolutions are entirely pointless. No one has enough conviction to stick to them, nor do they form any kind of originality. Being one of those who can’t come up with something different, I tend to just ignore the whole tradition, and wake up on New Years Day regretting the volume of drink I consumed the night before.

This year however, I fully intend to carry it forward, now I know that I’m definitely (or as far as I can see) going to live past my 22nd half-birthday. The main reason for making it in the first place was to try and make the most of last year, before we all died in a rapturous, fiery inferno. I also intend to make a far more concentrated effort to ensure it comes to fruition, too!

Slightly corny, but building it into my get Sexy for Sydney initiative, I’m also making a resolution to start a dance class with an ex-colleague and friend of mine from John Lewis. First off, because it will be laugh, and secondly I hate cardio…so it will fit into my workout at the same time. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and anything beats going to the gym to run on the spot for an hour… And you know what they say, women love a guy that can move! 😉 My other initiative this year is to find some stuff to occupy my time with; a few more hobbies that don’t involve me sitting on my ass in front of my computer. Now I have my new camera, I can see my self getting out on my bike in the summer and going off into the hills looking for photo opportunities just for an excuse to use it!

Here’s to it folks, and this years review being on time!