I really enjoy this blogging thing, but of late I’ve really been suffering from that well-known illness: writers block.

I have about 10 unfinished pieces of work sitting in draft on WordPress now, and it’s killing me being unable to get them out there! Meanwhile, I wake up each morning to new posts from friends like Alana, Brucey, Finlay, Hannah and The Devils Advocate who all seem to be able to spin a sentence or two about something interesting or creative!

Being a man of science, creativity is an attribute I’m not particularly blessed with. I’ve never professed myself as possessing some form of journalistic talent either; more a hobbyist. Recently however, I’ve really been getting into YouTube channels, and have a fair amount of subscriptions to follow. Most of them are relatively entertaining, people like Daily Grace, the hottest funny girl I’ve ever seen; Jenna Marbles, because we’ve all seen her tutorial “How to trick people into thinking you’re really good-looking” or “The Face”; Ryan Higa, whose videos are quick, clever and just plain fun to watch; Mamrie Hart, who makes alcoholic drinks and puns from the misfortune of the various celebrities in her midst, and finally Hannah Hart, who gets drunk and cooks, with a few witty one liners thrown in there also. That link doesn’t take you to her channel, it takes you straight to the first – and subsequently, my favourite – video of hers that I saw.

Now granted, these people are paid to do this, and have the time to record and edit them for hours before presenting them to the Internet for our enjoyment or, in Nichole337’s case, to CRITICISE HEAVILY!

Not that I think someone pays her, in all honesty. She’s worth it for the cringe factor, but not much else.

The point I’m trying to make however, is that they have forged a career using their view of the world, and brought it to light in a way that also demonstrates a form of entrepreneurial ability; something else I lack distinctly. Their creativity is something to be admired, and I think we need to respect them and those like them, for thrusting themselves upon the world and doing their utmost to make their mark. Granted, anyone can form a YouTube channel (I have one, because I have a GMail account, although there are no videos on it), but it takes talent to become a world-renowned YouTube celebrity.

I envy these people, as I sit at my desk, being bombarded by emails about things that aren’t working properly, coordinating things with people to then have it fall through last-minute. It’s a thankless job, working in IT. So think about us, next time you complain about things not being fast enough, or doing exactly what you want them to, because there’s someone exactly like me behind it; stressing and trying to keep everyone happy, knowing all the while that his efforts are futile…


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