Well, that’s what they said anyway…

A few weeks ago, prior to my departure from John Lewis, a friend of mine from there asked if I’d participate in a charity leg waxing event herself and someone from her department were organising. Figured it would be a laugh, so I agreed to it. We turned up at the branch last night, signed in and went upstairs. I figured it would be one of those things where everyone comes along for a laugh and we get a proper job done of it.

How wrong I was…

We were lined up like animals due for slaughter, and buckets were put in front of us. (This is where the donations were to come from, although I’d raised £130 of my own through Just Giving the week before.) The bidding for strips started when your bucket had a minimum of £20 in it, and I watched as my ex colleagues started walking up to us and basically picking which one of us had to go first.

Now I want to point out, despite what I may be genetically destined to become, I’m really not that hairy. Except for my legs.

"You should have trimmed that first"

"You should have trimmed that first"

 How was I meant to know that? I‘m was a wax virgin, and had no idea that long hair was more painful when untimely ripped from ones follicles.

Anyway, I endured it, with the resultant looking a little like this:

The result

Patchy. Tingling. I certainly wasn’t in the mood for singing “I’m your venus, I’m your fire” directly after. This picture also doesn’t show the strips Rachel decided to rip from right under my ass either. Definitely the kinkiest thing we’ve ever done 😉

Anyway, after this, I was offered a tidy up job, owed to the horrific condition my legs were in after this ordeal. Little did I realise however, that this was to become a free for all in which people decided to start waxing the tops of my feet, both sides and the backs of my legs. At one point, I think 6 strips of wax were simultaneously ripped from my body.

I reckon it’s safe to say I earned a decent amount of lad points. Especially after having to go home and finish the job myself… There is nothing left! I went to get my legs waxed, and that’s what I did! In all honesty, I’d do it again for something similar. Just give me a few months to grow it back first…

In total, we raised about £450 throughout the course of the evening, for MySmallHelp. It’s a charity that works with 6 single-parent families in Nepal, funding children’s education and working to start a career for their Mothers. Since the charity started, all 6 Mothers have started working, and are now able to support their children on their own.

If you’d still like to make a donation, my Just Giving page is here: http://t.co/NNpA5Tci A big thanks to everyone who’s donated to it already, much appreciated!


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P.s. This is what they look like today!

Not exactly feeling like my 'inner goddess' so to speak