Day 24 in the RGU Library…

Kirsty is sitting at a table: Beats(r) on her head; thesis under her nose, for the second last day before she finally gets to submit it.

Lewis is at the same table…suffering from so much stress, his blood pressure is through the roof and he resembles something a little like this:

Yes, I think the stress has caused my hair to grow to this length in the space of an afternoon...

Not only that, when I do coursework, apparently I need two laptops, an iPad and an iPhone at my side.

Seriously, I think half my problem is the fact I’m surrounded by so much technology. However, Cisco don’t feel the need to make their network simulation software Mac compatibly, so I require a Windows machine to do the main element of my CCNA coursework. Of course, if I was geeky enough to understand how to compile a .tar file in order to virtually map the Ethernet interface on my own laptop into GNS3, I’d be able to use it as a virtual terminal, and perform the various tests I need to on the network I built in there.

Unfortunately, I’m not geeky enough for that, and as a result have spent the last three hours with my head in my hands unable to do any work…

Uni, I give in. Keep your honours degree. It’s taken half my hair and 6lbs of body fat to get me this far, and I’m not even half way there yet. Based on that, and through entirely vain reasons, I cannot afford to complete this coursework.

…my honours project has been far easier than this… Ironically, I’ve been through assignments like this before!

I’ll see you on the other side. It might be a few years, because I really do mean the other side.

In the words of Christina Mackaill, FML…


Please leave a comment, I need some form of sympathy to get me through the rest of this afternoon!