This entry is dedicated, to a focal point of my blogging endeavours: my cup of care.

Made it full size, so you could appreciate it in all its glory

Part of the feature set on WordPress, is the ability to see how many times your blog is viewed in a day and where people have found it. Mine usually gets a heap when I bother to write something, and most of the hits it gets come from Facebook and Twitter because that’s where I advertise new entries on it. (Part of the publicise feature set also.)

Outwith my periodic rants about not very much however, this particular device keeps a relatively constant level of traffic coming through here, from folk Google-ing the care cup.

Now, I don’t take credit for the invention of the care cup. I actually first heard about it through one of those Facebook ‘likes.’ You know the ones, that you think make you look really cool, because they’re edgy or allow you to demonstrate a side of your personality that makes folk thing you’re a player?

You’re nodding with agreement, on the inside…aren’t you?

I found it funny though, because it appeals to my sarcastic wanker side; an element of my personality that I seem to be demonstrating on a daily hourly minutely basis lately. I also thought it was relevant, when insulting 95% of the Male population of this country (also known as the football lovers) for saying the sport was idiotic and senseless. The cup of care being used to prevent them all from coming after me, no doubt a public hanging would ensue and a repeat of the London riots. Although I imagine the Glasgow Celtic take on the theme would be somewhat more dramatic…

However, it became such a useful device, particularly in the work place. (Although please be aware, although the logo for an Oil company, of which I was once employed shines through the post-it, they do not share/condone this point of view, and the fact I used one of their coffee mugs was entirely coincidental.)

In any case, I urge you to make use of the care cup, in any situation where a reaction which truly demonstrates your feelings just isn’t suitable. Sit back and enjoy the rage flit across your opponents face, at your brass necked-ness; revel in their shock and awe. Because folks, this will make you look really awesome.

I realise this blog is entirely unhelpful to the unimaginative, or the spineless. You’re just going to have to carry on living in that world made of rainbows and smiles, where everyone gets along like they used to in middle school.


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