Back at uni a week, thesis topic chosen and proposal written, wrap your eyes around this:

A study of the role of mobile communications devices in modern society, their effect on mobile communications infrastructure in the UK and a recommendation on the technology which should be implemented as part of the new ‘Fourth Generation’ of mobile networking.”

No, that’s not my introductory paragraph, that’s the title.

We’ve been given no real guidance on what we have to do our thesis’ on this year, it really is an open ended assignment and I have to say that it’s making me feel somewhat insecure having a complete lack of guidance like this.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into this. You all know I love my gadgets, and this gives me a great excuse to sit in the library at uni doing my ‘literature review’ by sitting on the Apple website and reading articles on Engadet. This doesn’t really differ all that much from my usual internet activity, and like I said before, Facebook = social network. I’m doing Computer Networking. That’s the same thing…right?

This is going to go one of two ways: I’m either going to really enjoy designing my own research project, centred around something I have a great deal of personal interest in and can make a good degree out of OR I’m going to have a total meltdown as I try and cover too many things within the word limit, don’t go into enough technical detail and spend too much time on Facebook when I should be reading.

I think we all know which of the two is more likely, which only strengthens my resolve to make a good attempt at this.

After all, proving people wrong is only half the satisfaction of earning yourself a first class honours…

Wish me luck folks, I think I’m off to hit the bottle now. Mmm, rioja…