Apologies for going so quiet the last few days folks. Since arriving in Milan last week, sourcing somewhere with WiFi has proved to be a challenge.

We went to Harry’s on the second night in Venice, for a quintessential Bellini. A must-do if you’re in Venice, Harry’s has seen people like Ernest Hemmingway and Charlie Chaplin come through its doors. A small place, I don’t think it’s changed all that much since it opened if I’m honest. The waiters and bar staff roam around the tiny interior in white tuxedos serving gin and tonics to it’s clientele for €20 a pop…


Feeling very out of place, as I’m still a poor student at heart (and not the gross product of privilege I was made out to be on Twitter one day), we drank our cocktails, paid el conto, and made our way back out again.


We spent the rest of the night walking around the streets, still trying in vain to get lost. All we really succeeded in doing however, was realise more and more how small Venice actually is. Having gotten to the point where we could no longer go round a corner without seeing somewhere we had already been, we decided to call it a night – a combination of being out of places to go and the wine/bellini mix making us incredibly drowsy.

Our final hours in Venice were much the same as the rest – quietly. Our final day was spent roaming the streets, seeing some very interesting – and somewhat hideous – artwork, before heading across the grand canal to the island of Lido for a spot of sunbathing in the afternoon.





That night, we had the best meal of our trip to date, in another ristorante off the square behind our hotel, accompanied by a very nice bottle of Valpolicella, before making our way back towards the hotel for a trip down the canal in a Gondala. Another must do experience in Venice, but expect to pay dearly for the privilege. Hannah and I were €100 for a half hour excursion which didn’t really take us very far. It was nice though, and rounded our few days there off nicely.


We arrived in Milan in the afternoon afternoon and spent most of it trying to work our way round the city from Milan Centrale station to Cadorna to meet Erica, Hannahs aunt whom we would be staying with for the rest of our time here. That proved to be more difficult than it sounds, as neither of us knew how to obtain tickets for them. By the time we had found them and made our way there, it was time to board another train and dad back to Carugo, the suburb of Milan – near Lake Como – where Erica stays.

Our remaining days here were spent relaxing with Erica and the kids. On our first day, we went to downtown Milan to see everything it has to offer. The Duomo:

Another church…we climbed something like 160 steps to get to the top for a view of Milan from the roof. Unfortunately we couldn’t climb the spire on the top as it was in the process of being cleaned. We took a gander around the Galleria of Vittorio Emanuelle, I looked at designer wallets longingly before deciding against it for the time being, and wandered around the diamond quadrangle hoping to spot a few Ferraris. Unfortunately a fruitless endeavour… I did pay my yearly homage to AnF however, torturing myself as I’d sworn against another splurge in there akin to the one I had in Florida last year.

That weekend we went took the kids to a theme park and relaxed. The weather was fairly bad on Sunday, raining heavily for most of it. We did go to a bar in the evening for dinner however, to meet some of Robbies friends. One of us coming home a little worse for wear than the other, and it wasn’t me for a change!!

Our final excursion was to Lake Como, 18Km away from Carugo.

We took a ferry, intending on going to Mennagio to rent scooters. Turned out this was going to take 5 hours to get to, so we stopped in Argegno for lunch before heading back.

Stunning place…could have spent hours taking pictures of the scenery. Certainly aren’t ,any places in Aberdeen you can sit and eat pizza outside with a view like we had. Unfortunately, my lack of wide angle lens prevented me from being able to capture it effectively. Not that I didn’t spend most of our journey from Como to Argengo trying that is. This is best of around 13 pictures of a mountain. After that I gave up, fuelling the fire Of my desire for an SLR to play with. :p



Two of Argegno…

Anyway folks, have killed enough time waiting for my flight to Frankfurt. Gutted to be on my way home, as you can imagine. Raring to get back to work tomorrow……….nah just kidding, I think I missed it a wee bit.