Quite literally spent most of today on a boat…as I sit here writing this now, I can actually feel the room rocking from side to side.

Today has been as unstructured as we expected, a major break from what we’ve been used to over the last few days! Late breakfast, we finally made it out of the hotel for around 10.30 with the intention of going to St Marcks. That was unfortunately a fruitless endeavour however, as Hannah had her baps out, meaning we were denied access to such a place. Should be worth the wait for it anyway!


Rescheduled for tomorrow, we decided to take a walk around to see if we could get lost again. Along the way, we got to see some interesting artwork:



Papped a few canal photo’s…




…and the occasional street.

Unfortunately, getting lost was still proving to be as difficult as it was before, so we decided to make use of our 36 hour Vaporetto tickets and hopped on board the first one that sailed into San Zaccarino. We ended sailing all the way around the Grande Canale and ending at Lido! Gave us an excellent opportunity to see Venice and the various inhabitants of the canal.






When we arrived in Lido, it was strange to be back in the middle of it all, having to watch for oncoming cars as we attempted to cross roads etc. Quick stop for some ice cream then we headed across the island to the beach for a walk in the surf. Turns out we weren’t meant to be there, as it was a private beach, but we don’t think anyone noticed!

Here, we managed to get lost, but only for a minute before turning back onto the main road that goes straight through the middle. We hopped on another Vaporetto that took us back to the Venice before changing and ending back up at the hotel.

Plan for tonight? Dinner when I’m finished writing this anyway, probably in the same square we went to last night. Then we’re off to find Harry’s bar as we were unable to locate it yesterda. Embarrassingly, we discovered it is also 5 minutes from our hotel when we inspected the map upon our return I’m told that a Bellini in Harry’s bar is a must for Venice, although we’ve seen that an average meal in there can be circa €130…but who cares! 🙂

Will blog again soon, thanks to everyone that’s been reading this so far! (I’m actually surprised at it’s popularity, owed to the amount of shite I speak on a regular basis…)