Our final day in Rome was one of major relaxation. We decided to forgo our hotel ‘breakfast’ that morning in favour of some sleep! A combination of the result of a busy day, long walk home and a late night by the time I had finished writing Chapter 3! A coffee and pastry/breakfast toastie I what has became our favourite street cafe, in Piazzo del Republica, satisfied our need for sustenance a little greater than the hotels offering.

We had no real plan, other than to explore an area which we were yet to visit, Piazza Navona. Built on the site of Demetians Staduim, and resembling the same shape as it, Piazza Navona is really just a small collection of upmarket ristorante’s, street artists and yet more fountains. The main feature of Piazza Navona is the Fountain of the Four Rivers, featuring a statue which represents each. The Ganges in Asia, The Nile in Africa (depicted with his face hidden as the source of the Nile was not known to the Romans), the Danube from Europe and the Plate. (I forget where it is…)





The fountain features yet another Egyptian Obelisk, mounted above and between the four statues. I think over the years, most of the wonders of Egypt have ended up here, the Romans seem to be big fans of the occasional obelisk!

After a very overpriced and meagre plate of Pasta in a street Ristorante, a wander round and a few snaps, we began to make our way back to the hotel with a few other stops in our sights. Feeling rather indulgent, we stopped in a Gelatoria for a second sample of this Italian delight of the day. I made the mistake of asking what this really was:


Having been unwilling to believe that it really was viagra ice cream, I was forced to back-pedal quite rapidly after expressing interest, assuring the person serving us that Hannah and I were not in the need of that. Awkwardo… She seemed to like us however, sending us on our way with more ice cream than I’d care to admit to eating right now.

We decided to head back the direction we came that evening for dinner, to a small pizza place we found in front of the Chiesa Sant Ignazio di Loyola. Safe to say we had an excellent view as we ate our Prosciutto and drank wine from Montepulciano.
Could have been the wine, could have been the presence of the divine, either way I have no idea. But Hannah and I found ourselves to be very profound and radical at dinner last night, debating again the meaning of life as we are famous for doing so in an Italian chain back in Aberdeen…

The Spanish Steps were our final destination last night (fortunately not movie style), where we were conned into spending €10 on some roses from a street salesman who offered to tale our photo, before revealing his true identity to us. A second attempted the same, despite the fact we were clearly already in possession of some wilting specimens, and seemed to be very aggravated when we refused point blank. Some people… Nice photo though!

We sat and observed from the top, while we we’re serenaded by someone singing various items by Oasis and REM before finally deciding to call it a night and bid farewell to Rome for the time being.

Venice tomorrow, meaning another 7 hour train journey. (I’m actually blogging this from the train there right now, with my luggage between my knees) so you can imagine how that’s going. We’re passed the halfway point however, and have came prepared with bottled water and sandwiches, as we ate nothing for the entire duration of the trip from Milan to Rome. A poor choice on my part… We have no idea how to get to our hotel from the station, other than that it’s close to Piazzo San Marco. (It actually turned out to be surprisingly easy, once we had located the hotel on a map and figured out the map for the Vaporetta!)

In other words, who knows when this is going to make it’s way to the outside world from my iPad!