I felt that saying “When in Rome” didn’t really apply anymore, so I went for a Lonely Island song instead…

Well, we’ve only been in Venice a few hours but I’ve already got a burning desire to write about it. But then I suppose, if creative inspiration hadn’t hit Michaelangelo, we wouldn’t have the Sistine Chapel to gaze at! So without further ado…


This is without a doubt, one of the most special places on Earth.

Our train arrived here at 5PM this afternoon, having made up considerable time from a late departure and a few extended stops on the way. (Italian engineering clearly at it’s finest) From there however, we felt that the easy part was over, as my live-in tour guide for Rome has never been here before either.

However, we found the Vaporetto stop, and with a quick google search for the street where our hotel was on my iPhone – as we couldn’t find it on the map – we were on our way! From there, we cruised around the Grand Canale, being told to ‘vamoose’ by the Vaporetto attendant when we arrived at our stop, before stumbling upon our hotel down a side street literally 2 minutes from the waters edge.

Compared with the faff we had trying to find our hotel in Rome, we were already doing considerably better!

Dinner plans last night left us both in a cold sweat, having just showered, as we began to realise we were facing bankruptcy or starvation for a few days!

Despite this (with a resolve of ‘who cares, we’re on holiday’) we left to find somewhere and discovered a myriad of places on our door step. We settled on a small pizzeria in Campo San Stefano, had a quick bite and set about getting ourselves totally lost in Venice as tonight’s entertainment.

Turns out that’s more difficult than we expected, as the place is misleadingly small. Despite the abundance of narrow streets, lack of obvious signage and the constant need to find a place to cross the water, we always ended up back where we started.

It doesn’t take long before you begin to realise just how unique this place really is. To be in the middle of civilisation and not hear any traffic is one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had in my short 21 years, akin to passing an exam first time round…

Modern society has built itself around the car, and I think the reason I like it here so much is that it’s so vastly different from anything else. It’s boat culture on a totally different scale, and I can find many Americans struggling to cope with a few days here. What with the lack of drive through McDonalds, banks and pharmacies. Not to mention the fact that a mobility scooter would be rendered completely useless.

As yet, we have no plans for tomorrow. Venice has it’s own equivalent of St Peters – Saint Marcks – but other than that we have no structure. A welcome change from Rome, which was non-stop sightseeing!

I have a feeling Venice will be a welcome break in the middle of our…holiday…

Will blog again soon! (Probably tomorrow going by previous activity)