Well, I had planned to have a nicely edited photo of Milan Centrale station to insert at the top of this one. However, for some reason, Photoshop keeps crashing on my iPad. Adobe clearly not yet over Apples rebuff of Flash on iOS devices. However, I shall endeavour to get said photo up here because when I was finished, it looked pretty cool!

We are now en-route to Rome from Milan! After an incredibly early start again this morning, following an even later finish (unfortunate shampoo incident in my luggage not helping matters), a train and metro journey later, we arrived in Milan Central station. Travel arrangements today seem to have faired much better than yesterday. Surprising, considering Italians aren’t renowned for their reliability: “Fix It Again Toni!” Thus making our rushed breakfast pastry and latte worth it. The same cannot be said for our dinner last night in Heathrow, something which we later regretted not taking our time over.

We are now trundling through the Italian countryside, partly wishing that the train had a retractable roof because all that separates us from a much missed and somewhat alien source of vitamin D is a 30 year old piece of glass. Not entirely sure why I’m writing this, as I have I access to wifi to post it. I am looking for anything to do to take my mind off the gypsy which has came into our compartment, casing our luggage and positively bouncing at the site of me sitting here with an iPad. Let her try and pick pocket me, seriously…

Anyway, I digress.

No plans as yet for when we actually arrive in Rome, although I imagine we will be doing a large amount of walking and sightseeing. Obvious destinations will be the Colosseum, Vatican City (pickpocket central), the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps for a spot of people watching. No doubt Hannah and I shall consume our own body weight in pizza, pasta and gelato over the next few days. Getting back into the gym when i get home will be hard…

Gonna get off now folks, actually fired my iPad up to do some reading for my CCNA. I know, studying on holiday…I do have a large amount of down time over the next few days however. Will blog photos and more soon!