Hurriedly blogging while we wait for our dinner…

So we have arrived in Heathrow, albeit half an hour late courtesy of a late arrival in Edinburgh! A mad dash through Terminal 1 later, not helped by my apparent ‘knowledge’ of the building and we’re sitting in Giraffe having our first glass of Merlot of many.


Now having wolfed down a quick burger so I don’t have to eat the god awful plane food, we’re off to find the gate we will be departing from. Hopefully we are in the right terminal, as the flight leaves in half an hour…

Itinerary for the next few days? We arrive in Milan circa 8PM where Hannahs Uncle will be collecting us from the airport. Rush home, quick hello and catch up with Erica and the kids before we unpack/repack and condense everything to one bag. Tomorrow morning we board a train bound for ROME! We will be spending four nights there, visiting the Pope, eating ice cream and drinking much wine, before boarding another train on Monday bound for Venice!

Will blog with pics of Rome soon folks!